A core focus on industrial and light industrial commercial real estate



Being well capitalized gives Corinth Land Co. the capacity to create value through the acquisition of cash flow-driven properties.  Corinth Land Co. is uniquely positioned as a capital partner who offers trusted and in-depth due diligence, logistical assistance, unequaled responsiveness and executes deals quickly.  Corinth Land Co. has a strong reputation for its investment partnerships with key industry players and is quickly becoming a sought-after investment partner in the North Texas commercial real estate market.


With a core focus on industrial and light industrial commercial real estate, Corinth Land Co. is working to expand this asset class within its portfolio through additional investment in the DFW area.  While commercial real estate is Corinth Land Co.’s core investment focus, Corinth Land Co.’s portfolio of properties includes destination properties, high-end residential and rural property holdings as well.

Our experience in having built, leased and managed commercial properties provides us the knowledge to make the right decisions… quickly


Why Corinth Land Company?

“Paun (Peters) is a man of integrity with an even-temperament in the most trying of circumstances.  Paun and his team are always proactive, efficient and responsive, and have a clear understanding of the importance of quality in an ever-changing investment portfolio market.  He is a business partner I wish I could clone.” 

— Michael McDaniel
Vice President
Compass Resorts